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Frequently Asked Questions

My child has lot's of energy, is that okay? Absolutely, we put that energy into structured, organized classes. My child has ADHD or ADDS, is that alright? Yes, martial arts are great for developing focus, concentration and the ability to follow directions. My child is bullied in school, how can martial arts help? We work on helping children developing confidence and to believe in themselves , we also work on ways to diffuse the situation rather than fighting the bully. I am overweight, can I join?  Absolutely, our basic program is just right for all new students, regardless of fitness level. What ages are taught at the school? We accept students from 5-years and up. Is it safe? By all means, yes. We are a family oriented facility. Your safety and well being is our prime focus. I like the idea of learning Tae Kwon Do, but I'm nervous that I'll make mistakes and embarrass myself. How do you start beginners? We understand your concerns. We have a basic program for beginner rank students only. We have a gentle, patient atmosphere in all of our beginner classes. I don't work a typical 9-5 job. Do you have class hours to fit my schedule? We have a flexible class schedule that accommodates morning, afternoon and evening work schedule